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The Nectar Hills Farm At Cooperstown Farmer's Market

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Nectar Hills farm have been selling at the Cooperstown farmer's market for many years.

nectar hills farm cooperstown farmers market

We sell the products we make at the farm, including: our grass-fed meat; our multi-colored eggs (produced by pastured hens supplemented with sprouted grains--all natural, no antibiotics); hand-made, chocolate-dipped organic Biscotti;

Happy Hobo grass-fed beef jerky made with our Highlander grass-fed beef; and other food items depending on supply and the season are: vegetables, honey, maple syrup.

We also have a very eclectic selection of goods, including: fashion, jewelry, antiques, textiles, art, and gifts. We welcome you to stop by the farmer's market to meet us and to try our delicious FREE food samples!


- The Nectar Hills Farm Team

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Nov 15, 2023
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