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Nectar Hills Farm Featured in Catskills Magazine

Dave and Sonia have been farming for 15 years, creating a diversified farm that offers an array of nourishing, certified organic and biodynamic foods, healing herbs and fiber goods. From their commercial kitchen: savory breads, epic cookies, pestos, hummus, fermented foods, apple cider vinegar and fuego cider. From the pastures: grass-fed Highlander beef and lamb. From the gardens: organic vegetables, herbs and berries. From our animals: fibers that we transform into pillows, bags, hats, comforters and rugs. Honey. Visit them at the Cooperstown Farmers’ Market every Saturday of the year.

NECTAR HILLS FARM started in 2002 when Dave and Sonia bought 239 acres with a charming stone house and an incredible land with a very old orchard. A biodiverse piece of property, with various springs, streams, ponds, for- est, swamp and fields. We moved from NYC where we met and dove right into the farm adventure. Nectar Hills Farm is certified biodynamic and the farm produce a multiple array of products, from meat to vegetables, medicinal herbs, dye plants, baked goods, apple cider vinegar, Fuego cider, apples, berries, fermented hot sauce, sauerkrauts, pesto, hummus, honey, medicinal teas and fiber goods, that include wool, sheepskins, goat skins and cow hides.

Dave grew up in a small farm in Connecticut, He is a musician and has done deep spiritual studies in Maha Kundalini Yoga, Chinese Qui Gong, Martial Arts and Anthroposophy. Sonia grew up in Madrid, Spain were she studied fashion design then moved to New York in 1990 to study Kathak dance and multiple movement techniques. She also became a self-taught artist. We had a vision of protecting our piece of Mother Earth for future generations, and we believe that the food you eat and the clothes you wear are key in countering the industrial, corporate, toxic agricultural and destructive capitalist/consumerism models. More inspired than ever about our jobs and the farm, we are planning to refine and channel all the diversity we have created into a more sustainable, creative model that would include the local and global community to interact and participate in the life of the farm. We are planning on developing a program for eco/health tourism, opening our doors to teachers and healers to share and teach their knowledge. Another big focus for the farm is to become a center for creative exploration and sustainable craft practices and for that the cultivation of indigo, the green leaves that made blue colors, would be a project for 2020.

We would like you to question your individual choices and reduce your reliance on chemicals and disposable consumption, by encouraging a cultural shift back to the traditions and principles of a more natural, sustainable, mindful way of life. We challenge you to ask this two questions: “Who grows your food?” and “Who makes your clothes?”

And above all embrace Nature.

—Sonia Sola and Dave Dutton

About Pure Catskills Pure Catskills is a regional, buy local campaign developed by the Watershed Agricultural Council to improve the economic viability of the local community, sustain the working landscapes of the Catskills and preserve water quality in the NYC Watershed region.

Pure Catskills works to promote hundreds of farm, forest and local businesses throughout Delaware, Greene, Otsego, Schoharie, Sullivan and Ulster Counties in New York State.

For more information Visit to view extended member listings, tips on buying local, recipes and more. Contact the Pure Catskills team for more information by e-mail at or phone at (607) 865-7090.

ABOUT THE WATERSHED AGRICULTURAL COUNCIL The Watershed Agricultural Council (WAC) works with farm and forest landowners in the New York City Watershed region to protect water quality on behalf of nine million New York residents. The WAC uses Whole Farms Plans, Forest Management Plans and Conservation Easements to help farmers, forest professionals and private landholders address water pollution concerns on properties located in the Croton and Catskill/ Delaware Watersheds.

The Watershed Agricultural Council’s mission is to promote the economic viability of agriculture and forestry, the protection of water quality, and the conservation of working landscapes through strong local leadership and sustainable public-private partnerships.

FOR MORE INFORMATION Visit to view extended member listings, tips on buying local, recipes and more. Contact the Pure Catskills team for more information by e-mail at or phone at (607) 865-7090.

Why buy Pure Catskills? When you make a purchase from Pure Catskills farmers, foresters and businesses you support a rural economy, protect the working landscapes, preserve water quality, and ensure that small communities in the Catskills survive.

It protects the environment. Well-managed farms and businesses help keep the soil fertile and the water clean, which is critical to the ecosystems that plants, animals and humans inhabit. It preserves the working landscape. Protecting the working landscapes in the Catskills ensures the delivery of over one billion gallons a day of clean, fresh drinking water to nine million New York residents.

It’s part of our culture. Our culture is rich with music, art and literature that have drawn from the values instilled through working the landscape. Helping our farmers, woodworkers and other local businesses stay profitable is an essential part of our cultural heritage.

It is an investment in the future. Supporting a safe, local food system enables us to feed ourselves for generations to come. Support for this project comes from Pure Catskills members, the Watershed Agricultural Council and New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

Pure Catskills Buy Local campaign is an economic initiative of the Watershed Agricultural Council with funding from NYC DEP, USDA, U.S. Forest Service and other sources. EOE/EOP ©WAC 2020



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