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Sheepskin Fashion and Accessories

We are very excited about our new line of organic sheepskin goods. After many years of farming and dreaming about it, we have finally accomplished it! This new line of sheepskin fashion accessories and home decor adds to the diversity of our products and the sustainability of our way of farming.

Here is a little background on how this idea evolved: it started with the processing of our delicious grass fed meats and the byproducts from it.

We have always saved all our hides, from sheep and cows, even before we knew what to do with them, it was just natural for us, we love our animals and the hides were precious to us.

Most farmers don't bother with them and they end up in the rendering business, anonymous and a waist of fiber possibilities.

Inspired by traditional native ways, we respect and use as much as we can of the animals we raise.

From our rolling fields to your home... sheepskin fashion and decorative accessories. Our hardy sheep, cross-bred from Tunis, Icelandic, Friesian and the French Lacaune lines, live and breed on our 239-acre organic, biodynamic farm, a jewel in the hills of central New York State.

We believe strongly in the freedom, ecological benefits, and beauty of the biodynamic farming method, in which our animals are pastured and eat grass, and other products of our land, as nature intended, taking their proper place in the great circle of life.

We respect our animals as individual, living beings. They are not standardized "products", and this is reflected in their unique pelts.

In this day and age, when we live in such a materialistic society, when people buy and throw away on a daily basis, not appreciating the source and maker of the goods they buy, it is really important to get back to REAL.

Artisanal, local, handmade and natural is what gives our sheepskin goods the value missing these days. You will relish our products for many years to come.

Please visit our shop to see the latest creations from Sonia.

- The Nectar Hills Farm Team


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