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More Information about Nectar Hills Farm

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Our farm is located on the beautiful rolling hills of Otsego County, 3 hours and 1/2 from NYC, 1 hour away from Albany, and close driving distance from Oneonta, Cobleskill and Cooperstown.

The Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park is only a mile away from the farm, where you can rent rustic cabins, fish, swim, hike, bicycle ridding, etc...

We have 239 acres of divine beauty, pastures, hay fields, an old charming apple orchard, springs all over, a swampy area, that we keep wild and a creek that runs most of the year. To complement this picture, there is an old farm house, part of which is stone and a menagerie of animals that complement and enhance the landscape. Our land is certified organic, and certified naturally grown, our goal is to become certified biodynamic by Demeter.

We have a large flock of sheep, a herd of Scottish highlanders, goats, pigs, emus, dairy cows, ducks, geese, horses, peacocks, pheasants, quails, guinea hens, etc. We also have 3 dogs and a lot of cats.

Nectar Hills is an ongoing project which will get better and better as the seasons go by. By making biodynamic compost, from our different manures, which is spread on the pastures and fields and rotating our animals, We are improving our soils. We NEVER add any artificial fertilizer or chemicals.

We believe farmers are the doctors of the future. They will grow food which will nourish people, creating minds capable of higher thought and reason and bodies full of energy.

Some of our goals are to develop alternative energy systems of solar, wind and water, biodiesel tractors and work horses. We are trying to start a small cheese production by next year. We also envision our farm eventually hosting classes and retreats in diverse cultural, holistic and artistic studies.

We are very interested in working with heirloom breeds and cross breeding to evolve animals to do optimal in our environment. We also are serious about alternative medicine for ourselves and our animals. We have spent over 30 years studying and practicing, native American, Indian, Tibetan, Chinese and antrophosophical traditions.

We produced grass fed Lamb and Beef and pasture raised Pork and chicken. Also vegetables, herbs, apples and cider and honey when in season.

About Our Cattle

We have a herd of Scottish Highlanders, considered to be the the hardiest breed of cattle to be found anywhere in the world. Despite their long horns and shaggy "wild" prehistoric looking appearance, both bulls and cows are notably mild-tempered. The mothers possess excellent mothering abilities and instincts, as well as very low calf mortality. Highlands are excellent foragers and browsers making the most of the scrubbiest, brush-filled land as it was in their centuries-old, native habitat (harsh and severe weather conditions brought about the process of Mother Nature's natural selection, allowing for only the most adaptable, strong, and genetically superior animals to survive and carry on this sturdy breed).

Low fat, low cholesterol--naturally! The Highland's double coat of hair insulates them rather than a heavy layer of fat, providing a leaner, healthier beef. It is lower in cholesterol than chicken.

Lean grass fed beef is a very good source of protein, vitamin B12, the trace minerals selenium and zinc, vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and two health-promoting fats called omega-3 fatty acids and "conjugated linoleic acid", or CLA.

We also have some dairy cows, (pure jerseys, one holstein and a few crosses, jersey/highlander) for the future project of making cheese.

About our Sheep

Our flock sheep are: a few pure tunis, Icelandic/Finns, a handful of pure Icelandic and the rest are a beautiful cross of both breeds. We fed them only grass, with the exception of some sprouted grain in the winter, prior to delivering their lambs. By select breeding and keeping a closed herd, we are developing a flock adapted to our land and environment, increasing their resistance to parasites. We are also starting a flock of milk sheep as we hope to get into milk and cheese production.

About our Chickens

Our chickens are of many different breeds, they have their own pasture where they run around, drink fresh spring water, eat plenty of bugs and greens, love to sunbathe and are supplemented with "sprouted" grains. We get beautiful, delicious multicolored eggs and occasionally we have chicken meat.

About our Ducks

We have a large flock really attached to their place, their home, they could all fly away if they wanted to but they rather stay home, in their pasture, with their pond, getting treats of sprouted grains and lots of love. Duck meat is usually available in the fall and for the holiday season.

About the rest of the animals

The horses are not being used yet. Sue�a, our draft horse, is waiting for us to get it together and start working with her, we need training. The other 2 horses would eventually be riding horses. The Emus are enjoying life and we, specially Dave, is waiting for the eggs to hatch them and have baby emus and eventually increase the flock.

Hope you enjoyed reading more about us.

- The Nectar Hills Farm Team


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