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About Dave and Sonia

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

"The people who are aware of what they are eating are realizing things are getting pretty scary out there." Dave Dutton, New York Times, In New York, Local Meat Is Easier to Find, June 8, 2010

We were both vegetarians for many years and have been into organics for a LONG TIME. We come from a background of world music, Indian dance, Chinese qi-gong and martial arts and kundalini maha yoga. We took a one year training course in biodynamics at SunBridge College.

We envision creating a connection between food, culture and community. Our entire journey, has taken us full circle, from a complicated, exciting, educational cultural life in the city, to the feeling of urgency to getting back to a balanced, healthier, earth based reality, rather than a money driven, technological one. The food is a bridge back to ourselves and a healthy connection with Mother Nature.

Imagine the following picture, when you are a fetus inside your mother, you are absorbing what your mother eats and feels, the healthier and stronger she is the same applies to the baby. So when we are out of our mothers and walk over mother earth, the foods we get from her, if they are poison with chemicals, and what not, it will sicken and weaken us, creating the materialistic humans that can't feel anymore. The interaction between us as the farmers, healing the soil and helping to bring healthier food to you all, will create a livelier more meaningful social network.

Thank you for reading.

- The Nectar Hills Farm Team

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