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Welcome To Nectar Hills Farm Blog

We are delighted to have you here with us. A long time in the making, we finally have our online store up and our blog were we will be sharing a lot of interesting information with you all.

From updates on what is going on at the farm, to delicious recipes, to educational post about farming and so much more.

Our team is small but have a great vision of what we are trying to accomplish with our farm.

We believe that less is more, quality over quantity and that food is medicine for our bodies and soul. Our farm is certified biodynamic, we grow organic food, NEVER use chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or anything that can compromise the quality, nutritional value and taste of our food.

Our Products

All products available for purchase in our online store, comes from our farm, including most of the ingredients for the foods we prepare. Our Apple Cider Vinegar are a favorite of our customers and our organic cookies are a delight, wait until you try them!

Sonia is not just a farmer but an incredible artist as well and all the fashion items, pillows and else available on the site are handcrafted by her and created with a lot of care and love.

We are here to provide a service to our community and look forward serving you in anyway we can. We thank you for your support and welcome you to contact us with any questions or special requests you may have.


- The team at Nectar Hills Farm

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