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Handmade Necklaces created using Sheepskin, Natural Fabric and Gemstones. Colorful, unique and soft to the touch, designed with cotton textile on one side and soft and cozy sheepskin on the other.


Beautiful to look at and a pleasure to feel. The Sheepskin used is our own all-natural wool from our sheep here at the farm. Zipper closure.


There is not only beauty and luxury in our sheepskin handmade fashion and homedecor items, but they also offer health benefits.


Sheepskin activates the blood circulation and the immune system, and supports the relaxation and regeneration of the body.Keeps a healthy steady temperature. It influences the whole organism of the body in a vitalizing, relaxing way.


Sheepskin is very gentle on human skin, and not just because of its soft and fluffy wool fibers. Sheepskin contains Lanolin, which is a substance secreted by wool-bearing animals. It is known to repel dirt and bacteria, and therefore has been used for the protection and treatment of human skin. It is also widely known that sheepskin is hypo-allergenic.

Made with love in our farm @NectarHillsfarm

Sheepskin Gemstone Necklaces

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