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DESCRIPTION: You have to try our handcrafted artisanal Chocolate Garden Bar, they are delicious! A delightful treat for chocolate lovers looking for a fulfilling healthy protein bar like any other. Filled with highly nutritious dates and seeds and lots of white and dark chocolate.

Handmade in small batches in our commercial kitchen here at the farm, and we used only the best quality ingredients. All our ingredients are always organic and many of them comes from our own animals, herbs, and produce, here at Nectar Hills Farm. Our farm animals run free on green hills that can be seen from miles away and we never feed them grains.


Healthy Happy Animals means Healthy Delicious Food!


Organic dates, butter, organic pumkin seeds, organic sunflower seeds, organic dark chocolate, organic white chocolate, biodynamic bee balm petals, biodynamic tulsi.

Our Choco Garden Protein Bars are made in small batches here at the farm with only the best quality organic ingredients and lots of love.


Price is for one (1) generous Chocolate Garden Protein Bar.

Organic Chocolate Garden Protein Bar

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