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This beautiful collar is made with one of our sheepskins. It is usually lined in a beautiful upholstery textile in copper tones. It measures 17" long closed at the neck and 29" long when opened from one end to the other end, and it's 9 inches height from bottom (shoulder) to the top (neck). It is secured with a beautiful large brown button. Such a pretty and practical accent to so many winter outfits. Pair with a sheepskin hat for extra impact!

Our organically raised sheepskins offer health benefits in addition to their inherent beauty and luxury. Natural sheepskin is believed to improve the circulatory and immune systems, and to support the relaxation and regeneration of the body. Sheepskin keeps a healthy, steady temperature against the body and offers a revitalizing influence to the whole organism. It is very gentle to human skin: the fibers are soft, fluffy, and contain lanolin, a substance secreted by wool-bearing animals. Lanolin is known to repel dirt and bacteria, and therefore has long been used for the protection and treatment of human skin. It is also widely known that sheepskin is hypo-allergenic.

A quality sheepskin product is an investment in comfort, durability, practicality, and style. Your purchase of these products helps support our farm in our mission to provide all-natural, nurturing goods and foods, in harmony with the earth.

IMAGES: our beautiful model Natalia, works with us here at the farm preparing delicious food. She went from making bread in the kitchen to model outside, so forget the flour on her shirt;-))

Handmade with love here at Nectar Hills Farm.


Sheepskin Collar

SKU: sheepskin-collard
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