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Dave Dutton and Sonia Sola at Nectar Hills Farm, where they raise grass-fed beef and many other foods on their organic farm in central New York. Click for the big version.At Nectar Hills Farm our goal is to provide food with great vitality that imparts health and well being. Food being the fuel of our very existence has a huge effect on our overall health. We can't do this alone. We need the SUPPORT and COMMITMENT of our community. Your membership will help us carry us thru, to connect the dots to all the things we need to do.

There are 3 levels of membership:

The way our CSA works is when you join, you pay up front and therefore get a discount and credit through out the year for a diverse amount of products of your choice. There are no set deliveries or packages, you can call and give us your order and pick it up anytime from the store, farm or farmer's market. We also do shipping.

By becoming a member, you are committed to Nectar Hills Farm and investing in a healthy future.

We would like to share with you some of our thoughts on farming, nutrition, community, etc. because we think it is important for you to know your farmers, who  we are and what  we believe in.

In the times we are living in, with the problems we are facing in the future,  we think it is very important to get involved and to be informed about where our food comes from and where our money goes, especially on issues like genetically modified seeds, feedlot beef, How many miles has the food travelled? How was it produced? Pesticides? Fertilizers? Drugs? Hormones?

Currently our farm is certified organic but our goal is to become certified biodynamic by Demeter. Biodynamic agriculture was develop by Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s.

"...Nutrition as it is today, does not supply the strength necessary for manifesting the spirit in physical life. A bridge can no longer be built from spirit to thinking to will and action. Food plants no longer contain the forces people need for this."

This is Rudolf Steiner's quote to a question from one of his students during the agriculture lectures.

He also said that when the science and medical community realize how the constellations and the starry world affect the substances on Earth, they could cure many illnesses, or adulterate the food to control the masses.

Carl Stegmann, in his book The Other America  said: 

A long time ago, friends and I were on a biodynamically run farm. The owner of the farm showed us a small square plot of land divided into 4 equal parts. Four different people had sown wheat - each on one square. The soil was the same on all four, it had been worked the same way, the weather conditions were identical. All four took their seeds from the same sack of wheat. Only the four human beings differed from each other. And the half-grown plants on the field's four sections were just as different. On one, they had grown quite tall. On another, they were still small; on yet another, growth seemed stunted and in delicate shape. On one, the plants were strong and healthy. It made quite an impression when the farmer said: "For once, I wanted to determine a person's influence on a plant."

Something flows from a person into plants. Rudolf Steiner stated in the agriculture lecture:

"The delicate pulsations inherent in a person's life of will and attitude will increasingly blend with, and fit into what a man produces. It will not be a matter of indifference whether you receive a prepared substance from one person or another."

A basic and healthy economy is based on land, labor and goods. We are giving up all our power to big banks, big food companies, pharmaceutical companies, letting the speculators play with our future. The same way knowledge and prevention is true health insurance instead of giving up our power to a third party, to take care of us. To awaken to social responsibility you should start with your local community, growing our food, improving our educational systems and our way of life.


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